Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Checkered Hook Case Pattern Draft

This is my first try at a pattern, so I imagine it's not an easy one to follow. I'd love to hear any feedback on it if you hazard an attempt at it. Hopefully it's doable though, the pattern was simple.

Checkered Hook Case

Hook: US I9/5.50 MM
Yarn: Bernat Boucle in
Color 1 = light blue, Color 2 = tan, Color 3 = dark blue
(Of course, use whatever you like )
Zipper: 22 in. / 55 cm length of zipper in Color 3
(This will depend on the final dimensions of the case, but to give you an idea of how long it might be.)


Alternating Color 1 and Color 2 at the end of each diagonal row make a rectangle that is 9 x 12 in number of boxes tall x wide. Weave in your ends!


In Color 1 chain 26 then single crochet starting in the second chain from the hook (if I explained it correct, you should end up with 25 sc on the row and this row should be about the same size if not slightly smaller than the outside rectangle).

Chain one and turn, doing the same number of sc on every row after. It took 37 rows total to get it to length, though always check it against the outside piece. It should end up the same size or slightly smaller than the outside length wise as well.

In Color 2 do a single crochet border around the two rectangles, going through them both to hold them together. Follow this by a single crochet border in Color 3 into the border you just completed.

(This border in Color 3 is the area saved for sewing the zipper onto.)


In Color 3 chain 10 and single crochet starting in the second chain from the hook (you should end up with 9 sc on this row). Do 14 rows total of this.

Chain three at the start of the next row and double crochet into the second stitch from the end. Chain one and repeat (should make an open filet crochet mesh).

Sew or crochet on. In this case I crochet it on doing sc through the pocket and the inner lining. With extra yarn on both ends I wove it into the inner rectangle to make the border and bow decoration.


In Color 3 chain 5 and sc into it (should be 4 sc on row). Continue to desired handle length (mine was about 20 rows long). Sew or crochet on.


All that is left is to sew on the zipper. Check to make sure you have a long enough zipper - 22 in. was almost the perfect length for the one I made.


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