Friday, February 17, 2006

Mini Guide to Checkering Diagonal Box Stitch

Edit: added last steps (those for on the non-increasing sides) this morning.

To learn the diagonal box stitch, I recommend this link:

For increasing diagonal rows:

With a base like usual diagonal box stitch, but only one loop to finish the double crochet:

Then you draw a loop of the second color up and finish the double crochet:

(It's ok for it to be loose at this point - it will get tightened up in the next step.)

Then you do the chains to start the next diagonal layer just as normal but pull the two loose ends tight after you chain the second color.

Do the second color row the same as normal:

Cutting ends at the beginning of a row is often better to avoid tangling. Do all following rows just like before.

Conviniently, we can tuck them into the same colored boxes as they started and ended:

I can put up more examples if anyone would like me to. Anyway, off to bed. :)

On the non-increasing sides:
When you get to the end where you would like to start a non-increase, do a slip stitch and tie it off:

Turning so the double crochets of the last row are horizontal, draw a loop of the next color onto the hook (just like you do for the increasing side row start):

Chain two that will become your first double crochet of the box. At this point there are two things I usually do with the ends:

Stitch Over Option:
Just stitch over the end - you will end up with the loose end being on the inside:

Push End to Outside Option:
If you want to use the ends as tassels or otherwise prefer to have the loose ends on the outside, then this is the step you would use. First, finish your row:

..then place your hook into the first of the chain two that began the row:

Then pull the loose end through and pull slightly to secure.

At this point you should have your row finished, regardless of what you choose to do from above:

Simply repeat until you are finished.

Now you have a checkerboard pattern - congratulations!


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